Winter on the roads –accidents and advice

Now the clocks have gone back and the darker nights descend, here comes the time of year many motorists dread – the onset of wintry weather. Road conditions can become difficult in the colder months and recent figures have shown that UK drivers are up to six times more likely to have an accident over the winter. 

Incidents on the increase

Wintry weather conditions which can increase the risk of accidents include snow and ice, increased surface water and something which is already affecting a number of drivers – limited visibility. Drivers need to take appropriate caution and ensure that they are giving the road their full attention. After all, this time of year typically sees a rise in incidents where drivers have failed to take precautions for slippery surfaces and have crashed their car into another.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.00.11Help is at hand for those affected

Winter often sees a number of drivers left with a damaged car or even injured due to the negligent behaviour of other motorists. This is unjust and that is why at Zen  Law we strive to offer a supportive legal surface for those affected. Winter or not, if you have been involved in a car accident which was not your fault, but that of another, you could be entitled to claim. We will provide the full information and a comprehensive procedure to ensure that deserved justice is reached.

There are steps which every motorist can take to ensure that they are paying appropriate attention to the changing road conditions and to avoid negligence, which include:

  • Reducing overall speed and avoiding harsh braking and acceleration on slippery surfaces.
  • Using first gear at low speeds rather than second gear, so excessive wheel-spinning can be avoided. 
  • Using a higher gear when setting off to avoid spinning the wheels. 
  • Ensuring full windscreen visibility and a clear dashboard

For more information visit our main site to see how we can give you the help and advice you need. 

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