Occupational Deafness

occupational deafness

If you have worked in a noisy environment for any length of time and find that you have to turn the volume on your television up or have trouble following a conversation where there is background noise, you may be suffering from occupational deafness. This is also known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Developing a hearing problem can be a real shock and often leads to changes in the quality of your life.

Occupational deafness is usually caused by prolonged exposure to excessive levels of noise at work. It can be caused by exposure to noise over many years or even decades, or one-time exposure to a loud noise. The excessive levels of noise at work to which you may have been exposed can cause permanent hearing damage and may also cause tinnitus (a ringing/buzzing noise in your ear). 

There are many noisy industries within which a sufferer may have worked, including printing, pressing, engineering, mining, road drilling, factories, machinery operation, manufacturing and food processing. If you have worked within any noisy environment at any time since 1963, you may have a claim as that date is generally accepted as the time when employers ought to have assessed noise levels and taken reasonable steps to minimise the noise exposure to employees. 

If you worked in an environment where you had to shout to colleagues who were only a couple of metres away, then it is very likely that you were exposed to excessive noise levels. Additionally, if you were not made aware of the dangers of excessive noise or were not provided with the appropriate hearing protection, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. 

Any successful claim is dependent on how many years of excessive noise you suffered and how many responsible employers and/or their insurers can be found. Zen Law Solicitors are experienced industrial disease lawyers and experts in tracing old employers (even if you are struggling to remember who these were, we can still trace them) or their insurers to help you bring your claim and maximise your compensation. 

If you have been diagnosed with occupational deafness (or suspect you may have this condition) as a result of your working environment, complete our Online Enquiry Form and one of our lawyers will contact you to discuss how you can make a claim for your injuries.

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