How Long Will My Claim Take?


It is impossible to give an accurate time estimate as each case is different. There are two factors which will affect the length of time the case will take:

1) Whether liability is disputed
2) The severity of your injuries. 

It will not be possible to conclude your case until the Defendant accepts or is found responsible for causing your injury. Also, it is very difficult to conclude the level of compensation you are entitled to if your injury is likely to affect you in the future. 

Road Traffic Accidents – 6 to 12 weeks where the injuries are largely confined to whiplash, lower back and shoulder pain.

Accidents at Work – 4 to 8 months where there is no fracture type injury. Up to 12 months where fractures are involved.

Slip & Trip Accidents – 4 to 12 months.

Serious Accidents &  Complex injuries – Up to 3 years, largely due to the number of experts that need to be and the detailed assessment of nursing, housing, care costs and future losses.

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