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At Zen Law Solicitors, we are committed to helping people understand their personal injury claims, including the amount of compensation they can expect for their injury.

Although each and every case is different (for example, someone you know may have received compensation for a similar injury but the amount of compensation will nearly always vary), our Compensation Calculator below will help you to understand what your claim could be worth. Please have a look at the Compensation Calculator and see how much your injury could be worth.

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If your injury is not listed above (or in the ‘Other Injuries’ section below), you can still make a claim.

Other Types of Injuries
Work Related Upper Limb Injury

  • Complete Recovery within Months – £1,575 to £2,500
  • Recovery up to 3 Years £6,175 to £7,700
  • Continuing Disability and Loss of Employment £10,600 to £16,500

Paralysis Claim

  • Tetraplegia (also known as Quadriplegia) – £232,000 to £288,500
  • Paraplegia – £156,750 to £203,000

Fatal Accident Claim

  • Death – Immediate unconsciousness to awareness for up to 5 weeks – £1,000 to £17,000

Chronic Pain

  • Ongoing Symptoms and Fibromyalgia – £15,000 to £45,000
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) – £20,000 to £60,000

Scarring to Other Parts of the Body

  • Laceration, Surgical Burns – £1,680 to £75,000

Damage to Hair

  • Defective waving, tinting, burning, skin grafting – £2,800 to £7,850
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