Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has many causes and can frequently be caused by heavy lifting, excessive repetitive movement or exposure to vibratory tools at work. If you work with vibrating tools/equipment for any length of time and now find your fingers are tingling or you experience pain, weakness or numbness, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

An employer has a duty to prevent exposure of an employee to negligent levels of vibration and to operate a safe system of work and also reduce the exposure to vibration and repetitive movements and heavy lifting. This includes providing you with the necessary training and the correct tools to reduce the risk of wrist injury.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be very prolonged and painful. It is important to seek medical advice immediately and ensure that you are receiving the correct medical treatment to reduce your symptoms. You should also seek legal advice to ascertain whether or not you may have a claim against your employer. 

If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of your working environment, complete our Online Enquiry Form and one of our lawyers will contact you to discuss how you can make a claim for your injuries.

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