Vibration White Finger

vibration white finger

Vibration white finger (VWF) or hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a disabling condition which affects the blood vessels and nerves which supply the fingers. This causes tingling, numbness, whiteness, blanching and a lack of grip strength or control of your fingers (which are more severe in cold conditions).

The condition is commonly associated with the use of vibratory tools, such as pneumatic drills, nut guns, chainsaws, power wrenches, power saws and grinders. Those employed in industries such as mechanics, heavy engineering, mines, road maintenance and foundries are most at risk. As a result, many sufferers of the condition may be in a position to make a VWF claim or HAVS claim against either their current or a previous employer. 

The commonly accepted date of guilty knowledge for employers is 1976, which means that after this date employers ought to have been aware of the risks involved with the use of vibratory tools. This date can however vary from industry to industry and you should seek legal advice without delay. 

Zen Law Solicitors are experienced industrial disease lawyers and experts in tracing old employers (even if you are struggling to remember who these were, we can still trace them) or their insurers to help you bring your claim and maximise your compensation. 

If you have been diagnosed with vibration white finger/hand-arm vibration syndrome (or suspect you may have this condition) as a result of your working environment, complete our Online Enquiry Form and one of our lawyers will contact you to discuss how you can make a claim for your injuries.

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