Unfortunately due to recent legislation changes, we must now make a deduction from your compensation, but only if your claim is successful. 

In all non-RTA cases where you have been injured in an accident or suffered a work related illness and the claim is brought in England and Wales we can (subject to an assessment of the likelihood of success of your claim) offer you a ‘no cost’ no win no fee agreement which means that you will not have to pay any legal costs (whether you win or lose) – and if you win we deduct up to 25% and you will receive at least 75% of your compensation. For RTA cases, due to Whiplash Reforms of May 2021 (where a solicitor is no longer paid by the Defendant for certain types of claim) we would need to make a damages deduction of 40% of your compensation as standard, so you keep 60% of your compensation.

Sometimes you may have come to us through a Claims Management Company or a Marketing Company.  In these instances, it may be necessary to cover the marketing costs of such companies and as such you may be charged a deduction out of your damages from the Claims Management Company but only in the event that you are successful.  It is always recommended that you approach a solicitor directly to ensure that you are able to keep more of your compensation.  You will always be advised from the outset whether a success fee or damages deduction is payable by you in any case and it will also be set out in your paperwork before we take your case on.

Remember that costs will only be deducted in the case of a successful claim and you will ordinarily not pay any fees to us as part of your claim.

If you have any questions at all about how this works, please complete our Online Enquiry Form  and we will advise you in basic terms as to the basis upon which your claim will be processed.

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