Step By Step


We have simplified the claims process to help you understand what is involved in a typical claim for person injury.


We take some information regarding your accident
The information we usually need includes:

  • The time, date, weather, conditions and location of the accident
  • Information about any witnesses who saw the accident
  • Photographs taken of the accident location
  • Details of the injuries you suffered as a result
  • Information regarding the guilty party (the Defendant) including name, address and why you believe they are responsible for your injuries


We submit the claim to the other side

  • The Defendant (or their insurer) will have 21 days to reply, and may advise whether liability is being investigated. If the claim is being investigated, the Defendant will generally have 3 months in which to provide us with a decision on liability for the accident.
  • Once liability is admitted we will proceed to obtain a medical report(s) in respect of the injuries you have sustained.
  • If liability is denied, we will provide you with a detailed advice regarding the prospects of success of your case and the next steps that we need to take in order to bring a successful claim against the Defendant.


We arrange your medical appointment

  • Your medical appointment will be held at a time and place which is convenient for you.
  • Your medical report will be assessed by your lawyer along with evidence in support of your claims for loss and expense, and your claim will be valued.
  • We will send submit your claim to the other Defendant or their insurance company, where they will assess the value and either agree the settlement proposal or make a counter offer of settlement.


Outcome of your case

  • The Defendant(s) accept liability for your injuries and pays you compensation that you are happy to accept
  • If we cannot agree the value of your claim or if the insurance company do not reply, we may have no option but to commence court proceedings (the ‘litigation process’) against the other party.
  • In the majority of cases you will not be required to attend court but we will require your full cooperation up until settlement.
  • The date of settlement of your claim will then be the trial date, of which we will advise you in advance.

Find out whether you have a claim by completing the Online Enquiry Form. One of our specially trained lawyers will call you back and discuss your claim with you.

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