Take these steps for a safer workplace in 2016

zenlaw-blogIn any business, there are health and safety regulations which must be upheld at all times. Yet even when appropriate measures are followed, there are constructive steps which can be made continuously to ensure an environment which thinks pragmatically about safety. When a workplace puts health and safety at the forefront, colleagues are more likely to feel appreciated too– potentially leading to greater productivity. Therefore, whether you are an employer or employee, you can consider these essential areas to implement in your office environment and in turn allow for an even more positive 2016:

Important areas to consider

  1. Minimise slip and fall risks – a common cause of workplace accidents is through employees slipping and tripping; with usually an uneven or poorly maintained surface to blame. If you are in an office environment, having consistent carpeting is often the best choice. Wherever you’re working, before each day someone should check surfaces for any risks, and draw attention to any possible hazards that can be identified and dealt with
  2. Clean up those cables – if you are working with electronic equipment – even just computers – keeping working areas free from trailing wires is essential. An ideal purchase (often in Christmas sales too) is to opt for a collection of cable tidies, which will be particularly appreciated in office spaces
  3. Eliminate fire hazards – fires in offices can be a real but often under-estimated risk. The sheer amount of electronic equipment concentrated in one place can potentially catch fire if poorly maintained or left on overnight. An important step to take is to turn off all electronics before leaving the work building and only keep combustible materials that are absolutely necessary in the workplace. 

We’re here for you

Here at Zen Law, we care about the positive awareness of workplace safety and are here to support you if you have been affected by breaches in this. 

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