Unlawful Killings at the Hillsborough Disaster

For the past 27 years families of the 96 football fans who died in the Hillsborough Stadium disaster have been campaigning for justice and yesterday the jury finally revealed their findings – providing them with both the justice and the closure that they have sought for so long.

The jury who have heard evidence over the past two years came to the conclusion that Chief Superintendent David Duckinfield’s actions amounted to gross negligence, and that he did in fact breach his duty of care to the football fans.  The conclusions reached also proved that police errors assisted the dangerous situation which led to the crush on the terraces and that through the order to open the Leppings Lane and exit gates police mistakes were made.  In addition to this the jury determined that the police delayed declaring a major incident and the emergency response which included the ambulance service being delayed.

Prior to this many have believed that the behaviour of the Liverpool fans was partly accountable for the terrible disaster but the jury found that the fans did not contribute at all to the situation at the turnstiles, exonerating these accusations completely.

Have you lost a loved one?

As many of the families of loved ones lost at the Hillsborough disaster unfortunately discovered, investigation and inquest proceedings can not only be incredibly upsetting but also difficult to understand.  Fortunately however, if you have lost a love one and think that you deserve justice our specialist team are here and able to guide you thoroughly through the process whilst providing your family with the support that you require.  If you would like more information on our services, you can visit our main website today: https://www.zenlaw.co.uk/


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