Could making more cars autonomous lead to a reduction of traffic accidents by up to 95%?

A recent report carried out by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has made some interesting discoveries regarding new auto technologies and reduced road accidents. As part of this, figures were released anticipating that if current vehicles were replaced with autonomous (i.e. self-driving) alternatives – then up to £51 billion a year of savings could be made, as well as significantly reducing road accidents.

We still need to focus on human fault

Why so? The report cites the important statistics that 95% of road traffic accidents occur due to driver error; something we take highly seriously here at Zen Law Solicitors. That is why we believe the report is so important, not necessarily just for autonomous cars, but to draw attention to the sheer amount of cases where traffic accidents have been most likely caused by human negligence. As automatic vehicles are not at the moment an option for many, it essential to address the current state of British driving conditions; if you have been injured whilst driving due to the negligence of other, you deserve to be supported.

Rather than speculating on the progress of automated cars (even though it is exciting) here at Zen Law Solicitors we want to emphasize the importance of focusing on the here-and-now of the traffic situation. Human error can lead to various complications behind the wheel; and unfortunately frequent examples include when drivers are in a distracted state due to drugs or alcohol.

Not in the autonomous age yet

In short, if you have been affected by the negligence or error of another whilst in a car, you are entitled to seek redress – rather than looking to future alternatives. We still live in an age where drivers are personally accountable, not relying on automatic cars, and this is why we want to keep up a strong personal focus here at Zen Law Solicitors.

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