Jeremy Clarkson Case Draws Attention to the Importance of Addressing Personal Injury

Over the course of recent weeks, the case involving Oisin Tymon, and his claims against the ex Top Gear presenter and journalist Jeremy Clarkson, has reached a culmination. It has been reported that Clarkson has settled a personal injury claim which was levied against him by Tymon, a BBC producer who was injured due to Clarkson punching him following a disagreement. The presenter was left with a swollen and bleeding lip which required hospital treatment; and the incident has emphasized the importance of addressing personal injury, in whatever contexts it occurs.

Looking beyond

Here at Zen Law Solicitors, we are aware that personal injuries are not just the often-discussed slips at work and back sprain. They encompass a number of serious and aggravating incidents; all of which need to be dealt with in a professional manner. No matter the stance of the individual, if you have been injured due to their negligent or inappropriate behaviour, you may be entitled to claim.

Mr Tymon made the claim against Clarkson on the grounds of personal injury, though it has taken a number of months to reach conclusion – a process which can be anticipated as potentially stressful. That’s why at Zen Law Solicitors we strive to provide an efficient, accessible personal injury claims service which reaches an agreement in a time-effective manner. Whether you are in the public eye or not, personal injury needs to be addressed in the most appropriate manner at all times.

Quality legal support is key

Whether you have been injured at the fault of another’s negligence in your workplace or out of the roads – two themes which seem to tie-in with Top Gear – it is important that you feel in a position to seek the redress you deserve. We can help here at Zen Law Solicitors.

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