Number of child in-patient mental health deaths unknown

Disturbing evidence collected by INQUEST has now revealed that there isn’t a system in place to record, monitor and publish the statistics of children who have sadly died whilst getting in-patient mental health care. Through the specialist casework with families carried out by INQUEST they found that there was a lack of transparency concerning the deaths of one of the most vulnerable groups of people across England and Wales.

Earlier this month on April 4th, BBC Panorama focused on a 17 year old girl’s story that tragically died whilst in a mental health unit. Sara Green was receiving in-patient treatment and living at the privately run Priory Group Cheadle Royal Hospital, Cheshire, however due to the considerable distance from her family, they were unable to visit her each week. At her inquest, the Coroner determined a lack of suitable NHS placements near to her home and a failure to manage her impending discharge frim Cheadle Royal – both of which contributed to the self-harm act which resulted in her death.

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