Step by Step: The Claims Process at Zen Law

Here at Zen Law Solicitors we have simplified the claims process to help people understand what is involved in a typically claim for an injury. Read this post to find out what you should expect should you decide to make a claim.


Step 1 




The first thing in which we will do should you want to make a claim is take some information from yourself regarding the accident in which you’ve been involved in. The information that we usually require includes:

  • Time, location, date and weather conditions of the accident
  • Information regarding any witnesses
  • Photos of the accident location
  • Details of the injuries which you have suffered as a result of the accident
  • Information regarding the other party in the accident, including their names and address


Step 2


After we have collected all of the necessary details from you, we then submit the claim to the other side. The defendant then has 21 days to respond and advise whether liability is being investigated. If the claim is being investigated for any reason the other party will generally have three months to provide us with a decision on liability.

As soon as liability has been admitted we proceed to obtain a medical report in respect to the injuries that you suffered/are suffering.  If liability is for any reason denied we will provide you with advice regarding your claim going forward and guide you through your next steps.


Step 3


Zenlaw 2



We will then arrange for you to attend a medical appointment at a time and place that is convenient for you. Your medical report will then be put together by a specialist lawyer alongside evidence in support of your claims for loss and expense – Your claim will be assigned a value. Thereafter we will submit your claim to the other defendant, or their insurers, where they will either agree the settlement proposal or submit a counter offer.


Step 4


Hopefully at this stage the defendant will have accepted liability for your injuries and you will be paid the compensation that you deserve. However, is a value cannot be agreed upon or the other party fails to reply we may have no other options but to commence court proceedings. Please note, in the majority of cases you will not have to attend court – but we will require your full cooperation until your case has bene settled.


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