Leak Shows Horrifying Impact of Planned London NHS Cuts

An internal NHS document which has been leaked and seen by the Guardian has left a lot of London residents terrified, worrying that they will in the future be denied treatment, have to wait longer for operations and face losing their local maternity units.

Under secret NHS plans to impose unprecedented cuts to health spending in the Capital, according to the leaked document, doctors in 5 London boroughs will have less money to spend on drugs and medication, be able to refer less patients to hospital and those with severe health needs will have their support cut.


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The 31-page leaked document outlined the “difficult choices” NHS bosses nationally are forcing the 10 hospital trusts in north-central London to make in the upcoming months in efforts to plug a £183.1million gap in their finances. Those in Camden, Islington, Haringey and Enfield are likely all going to be negatively impacted. Those told to implement draconian cost-cutting measures even include some of the NHS’s best-known names such as Great Ormond Street children’s hospital and the Royal Free.

Disclosure of the plans has sparked furious opposition, with people outraged at the mere thought of restricting care and closing hospitals, with one person describing the plans as “neither realistic not reasonable”.  Fears are that soon in the UK the NHS is not going to be able to treat illness in the way as it has done since 1948.

Although the document stresses that no final decision have been made, the options being discussed would result in the following:


  • Patients having to wait longer than 18 weeks for planned operations
  • An increase in the rationing of care through patients being denied access to certain types of surgical treatments
  • Hospital units being both downgraded and shut completely
  • £2million cut to the financial support given to those with serious, long-term medical problems and disabilities
  • NHS trusts putting less money into Better Care Fund
  • Job losses throughout the NHS, especially in admin


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