Road Traffic fatalities increase by 14%

According to the National Safety Council in the US, road traffic deaths in the country were up by 14% in the first 6 months of the year. Some have speculated that the rise in fatalities may be down to a decrease in the price of oil and gas in the region. The figures are expected to have implications in the UK, where trends from the US are often transposed. In particular it is assumed that the rise in fatalities also demonstrates an implicit rise in injuries cause by road traffic accidents too. In such a climate, it pays to know your rights on the road.

Know your rights on the road

Most people are aware of their rights and duties on the road. Adhering to the laws and regulations relating to the rules of driving, drivers often find themselves at a loss as to what to do when things go wrong, if they are involved in an unforeseen accident on the road. Driving and theory tests offer little guidance as to what course to pursue in these instances. Thankfully there are some rules of thumb you can follow: 

  • Obtain appropriate medical assistance where injured, and ensure you keep a personal record or diary of any prognosis which may help clarify your circumstances to your solicitor
  • Both parties involved in a car accident must stop their vehicles and exchange insurance details in order to resolve any financial loss and vehicle damage caused by the collision
  • It is important to obtain the details of any witnesses in order to strengthen your case if you perceive that the accident in question wasn’t your fault
  • Get the best legal advice – this is crucial as liaison with a qualified solicitor will enable you to protect your position and gain redress through the appropriate means at an efficient and effective pace

 Your next steps

ZenlawHere at Zen Law, we do our best to ensure that your legal position is protected at all times. Offering you guidance and insight on the process throughout the entire claims procedure, our friendly and approachable team of solicitors will assist you in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a road traffic accident and wish to pursue a claim. Call our friendly team today, and discuss your options with the best lawyers in Manchester.

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