Confused about the legal process?

The legal system can be a daunting prospect to most people.  The thought of it can cause concern about costs too. Many people find themselves hesitant to approach a lawyer because of unfamiliarity with legal jargon and the process as a whole.  The good news is that there are some tried and tested methods of slowing down the procedure, yet ensuring efficiency, so that you can take the pursuit of legal advice at your own pace.  Even in regards to personal injury, the process can be as accommodating as you need.

First things first



If you have been involved in an accident or injury it is crucial to get medical attention for the injury sustained.  Once this has been done, you can start to think about legal advice.  The law works on the basis of rules and evidence.  So if you can prove that you fulfil the criteria for compensation, you are likely to succeed in your claim.  Therefore, one important thing you can do from the outset is to gather your evidence together and make sure it is kept safe.  This might include photographs of injuries, or proofs of the medical assistance you received, or a diary of events you may have kept.  All these artefacts will be crucial for your solicitor in understanding the logistics and details of your case.

In safe hands

Once this has been done, you can go ahead and contact a solicitor.  It can be good to locate one which is local to you for convenience.  Or you can locate one in the closest city, in order to benefit from their increased experience.  Lawyers in Manchester are specialists for Claimants in the North of England.  At Zen Law Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our cosmopolitan location which gives us access to the best information and updated knowledge on personal injury claims and accidents.  With over 20 years of experience in the legal field of accidents and injuries we have seen many changes to the system and have adapted the needs of our clients accordingly to ensure they are pleased with their outcome.  Our friendly and innovative firm will ensure you are in safe hands despite the unpleasant experience of a disruptive event such as an injury.

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