Union warns: Amazon UK work culture causes debilitating health conditions

A recent exposé on the working conditions of Amazon’s employees has raised a flurry of concern worldwide. Now a prominent trade union warns that the global products and services provider is risking the health of its employees with its practices causing musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. Although the company CEO has denied these concerns, it raises common questions about accidents and injuries in the working environment. Often employees can find themselves at a disadvantage when ill-informed of their rights and their employer’s respective responsibilities. 

Accidents and injuries at work 

There are many job roles along the production and distribution stages at work. Work-related stress can often spiral into clinically diagnosable instances of depression and anxiety. Whilst, poor working conditions or excessive strains and workloads can cause physical ailments relating to an individual’s posture, muscles and skeletal frame. It is therefore crucial to be informed of your rights at work in order to prevent an accident and in order to pursue a claim if you believe your welfare may have been neglected through poor health and safety conditions. 

Some examples of what you are owed by an employer include:

  • Working tools and equipment – these should be easy to use and assist you in making your job easier. Your employer is also required to ensure that you are correctly instructed in the use of any machinery
  • Adequate health and safety provisions – your employer should have adequate risk assessments carried out to prevent you from experiencing any harm in the workplace

 Here to help 

ZenlawHere at Zen Law, we are here to help you in alleviating any concerns you may have regarding workplace accidents and injuries which may often overlap with resultant industrial diseases. Whether you have experienced repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome through strenuous and repetitive work in an office or more harmful and substantial injury such as occupational deafness, it helps to know your position and get the right legal advice. Our team are always on hand to discuss your options with you. 

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