New rehab code set to be published for personal injury cases


An updated rehabilitation code for those involved in personal injury cases is to take effect from the 1st December 2015. In effect, it means that greater attention will be paid to ensuring those affected by personal injury receive appropriate and high-quality support (i.e. rehabilitation in the aftermath).

Putting clients first matters

Since 1999 the code has seen two changes already, so will the 1st December be third time lucky? The amendment is a constructive move after all, to ensure that those affected by injury can access the best possible care. Here at Zen Law Solicitors we recognise how important appropriate rehabilitation is and strive to put our clients first.

The updated code has been developed by working party of experts regarding personal injury and health. This includes members from the Association of British Insurers, NHS representatives, some legal teams and the International Underwriting Association.

The implications

It is thought that the outcome of an updated rehabilitation code will include increased collaboration between defendants and claimants in personal injury cases, ensuring that anyone who is is injured receives the best treatment and care as part of the legal process. This promotion of positive health and support is something we take seriously at Zen Law Solicitors.

The code will also involve a separate section for low-value claims, in order to make the system more streamlined. Over all, it is hoped that the changes will increase efficiency and also emphasize the personal element in dealing with personal injury cases; that clients and their health matters.

Here at Zen Law Solicitors, we offer a range of legal services to help you regarding the situation of personal injury and also medical negligence. You can browse our website for more information and also contact us directly.

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