Cycling safety tips forgotten far too often


Getting on a bicycle can be one of life’s most enjoyable activities. It is great exercise at the same time as being a convenient mode of transport. Whilst many people enjoy cycling as a weekend recreation, a number of people use a bike in their commute to wok. Cycling on the roads comes with its obvious risks; especially due to the proximity of the cyclist to busy traffic and also the difference in size between bikes and motor vehicles. However, if you have the appropriate equipment and road cycling confidence, then you should not be deterred. What is absolutely essential is that you keep safety in mind at all times.

Unfortunately, a number of cyclists are seriously injured or are even involved in fatalities on the UK’s roads every year. An area of particular focus recently has been London; where cyclists have been clipped by trucks and lorries unable to see them in their ‘blind spot’. If you are a cyclist and injured by a motorist in circumstances that are not your fault, here at Zen Law Solicitors we are ready to support you. We are also here to provide some recommendations of cycling safety – as your welfare matters to us:

Safety first

1)     Ensure visibility – make sure that motorists and pedestrians are aware of your presence. Bright clothing at all times is important, especially in terms of the darkening nights

2)     Keep clear of the kerb –many accidents are caused by cyclists clipping the kerb and then losing control. As a bicycle user, you are entitled to  space on the road and should not feel cramped up or pushed  towards the pavement

3)     Have a helmet – this point cannot be emphasized enough and is a cycling essential!

Here for you

Here at Zen Law Solicitors we provide extensive legal advice and expertise. If you have sustained a cycling injury that wasn’t your fault, our team are on-hand to support you.

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