CMA Investigation into UK legal services set to be underway


Recent reports have drawn attention to the launch of an investigation regarding the quality and prices associated with UK legal services. It is set to be carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This comes following ‘longstanding concerns about the affordability’ of available options, and a move which has been welcomed by a number of legal services which care about retaining the highest quality in the profession, including Zen Law Solicitors.

Protection matters

The Law Society has expressed its approval of the investigation and subsequent review. This body represents more than 130,000 solicitors in England and Wales and endorses the concept of greater regulation in order to crack down on fraudulent legal services which can infiltrate the industry. There are hopes that the investigation will protect clients who are seeking legal advice, especially in terms of personal injury.

Quality with Zen Law Solicitors

Carrying out the investigation, the CMA is a prominent government watchdog and is set to assess whether legal redress can be obtained when legal services go wrong. After all, a number of people every year face difficult circumstances when dealing with legal forms and solicitors. Concepts such as hidden costs, poor customer care and a lack of up-to-date industry knowledge are often cited as reasons why people are unhappy with some legal services. Fortunately, here at Zen Law Solicitors, we have provided the highest standard legal options for a number of years and are recognised as a positive example in our field.  As a team of Injury Lawyers in Manchester committed to quality, maintaining the highest standards matters to us.

At Zen Law Solicitors, we aim to go forward upholding quality and promoting positivity as we have always done:

  • Extensive legal advice and expertise available
  • We provide a wide range of services which you can browse on our website
  • A fully-supportive service which keeps in regular contact with every client

We are committed to quality, honesty and transparency: our continued pledge going forward into 2016.

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