The 5 most common road accident causes – have you been affected?


Here at Zen Law Solicitors, we are committed to keeping people informed about their legal circumstances and possible entitlements. For example, we regularly advise people who have been involved in road accidents. Unfortunately a number of people every year endure accidents on Britain’s roads – and negligence on the part of one or more of the parties involved often plays a part.

If you have been affected or injured by a road accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation; after all, another person’s failure to drive responsibly should not be at your expense! Whether it’s a case of driving ‘under the influence’ or simply not concentrating on the road, there are a number of reasons why incidents occur…

Often causing accidents

1)     Not looking before pulling out – this is the key culprit behind many road accidents!  Nasty collisions are often the result of drivers just pulling out at junctions without properly considering the road and oncoming traffic

2)     Lack of judgement –poor estimations of distance and speeds can lead to drivers making inaccurate decisions on the road. This includes pulling out too early at junctions and turning at the wrong time, often resulting in smashes

3)     Recklessness at the wheel – a number of people are prosecuted each year due to irrational driving behaviour. Fast speeds, persistent revving and a lack of disregard for other road users typically compose reckless driving behaviour

4)     Alcohol and drugs – to be driving under the influence of these substances significantly affects driving ability and is often an underlying factor in many incidents

5)     Distracted driving – over the years, a rising factor forming a number of accidents has been that driver attention is elsewhere – typically turned towards mobile technology and other handheld devices

Here to help you

If you have been the victim of another’s negligent driving, you can discuss your situation with us here at Zen Law Solicitors. We are Accident Solicitors in Manchester with extensive expertise. Browse our website today for more information.

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