Midwives Failing to Provide the Care that Patients Deserve



Preparing for the birth of a child should be a special experience for all; however it has recently become apparent that many mothers-to-be are currently experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety instead of excitement and happiness. There are so many birthing options available, including location, style and midwife however although people at the beginning of their pregnancies think that they have the ultimate say regarding these things, it has become apparent that this is not the case in many scenarios. Yes, you can talk to a midwife before your child birth; however this may not be the midwife that will assist with your child’s birth. Yes, many hospitals are home to birthing pools however these may be unavailable and in use when you go into labour. Yes, you can give birth at home, providing that there is a midwife available. These are only some of the birthing aspects which could change last minute too.

A recent report has further highlighted that pregnant women feel unsafe and frightened while using NHS facilities, with one person describing their experience as being treated “like cattle” and another saying that they felt as though they were “on a conveyor belt”.  It is not just the patients that feel as though things could be improved either, a high number of midwives within the NHS feel sad that they are unable to provide the care in which they would like due to shortages in staff and rigid protocols. Not only this, but it has also been suggested that a large proportion of women whom are told they need emergency caesarean sections do not these. Upon being told that they need a caesarean many people quickly agree thinking that it must be necessary with no other options, otherwise it would not have been recommend,  however many of these people are simply victims to unnecessary major surgery with life-long implications.



If you think that you could have been subject to medical negligence during your pregnancy or child’s birth, here at Zen Law we would love to assist and ensure that you are able to get the compensation that you deserve. Some of the compilations in which you could have faced include:

Ante-natal-errors – Despite modern technologies medical professionals still occasionally miss serious problems and misdiagnose problems. Errors made at this stage can be fatal and this is not acceptable.

Errors during birth – Damage from medical instruments, anaesthetics and inadequate suturing can affect the health of both mother and child, with mothers facing serious gynaecological complications and the potential injuries which babies can encounter including cerebral palsy, brain injury, facial paralysis, fractured bones and more.


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