Family Become First in UK to Benefit from New Compensation Laws – Winning £9.3Million Pay-out

A family from Lancashire has recently become the first family in Britain to benefit from the new Government compensation law – winning a phenomenal £9.29million pay-out for their daughter who was struck with cerebral-palsy following complications during her  birth at Royal Blackburn Hospital.





Initially the family’s lawyer had secured a £1.32million lump sum settlement for them which would then follow additional annual payments for the rest of her life, however in a landmark High Court case last month barrister Michael Redfern QC was able to get this initial pay-out raised to a lump sum of £2.21milion. After this annual payments of £50,000 will also be delivered until the girl is 19 years of age and thereafter there will be yearly advancements of £73,500 for the rest of her life. The £9.29million maximum figure was reached on the assumption that the girl will not outlie 101 years.


Ministry of Justice



The new Ministry of Justice rules have been brought into place to provide a fresh formula for calculating compensation payments for those who suffer long-term injuries. People suffering from long-term illnesses can find that their lives are much more difficult, with many complications and therefore if they’re suffering thee illnesses through no fault of their own, it is vital that they receive adequate compensation in order for them to continue to live their lives as fully as possible. The settlement provided to this family is going to make a huge difference to their lives, and the funds will be able to ensure that her needs are met for the rest of her life, even when her parent are no longer around.

The decision and changes made by the Lord Chancellor is expected to have a dramatic effect on similar claim involving cerebral palsy as well as other serious brain injuries in the future. Here at Zen Law we know that anyone going through this will have a lot on their minds, with compensation being at the very bottom of many peoples thoughts, however it is vital that all who have claims make these and get the funds in which they deserve. The compensation in which could be granted will definitely make lives easier, and allow for those suffering to enjoy their lives as much as possible without having to worry about money.


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