Is Your Cavity Wall Insulation Causing You Problems?

Over the past few years a rising number of people have been opting to ensure that their homes have cavity wall insulation in place in order to reduce heat loss and energy costs. However with such a huge focus on this, it has become apparent that many people have been left out of pocket after falling for ‘cowboy’ insulators words and low fees. Those whom have been affected negatively after the installation of cavity wall insulation must be aware that they could be entitled to make a compensation claim, and here at Zen Law we are here to help!

It has been suggested that over the last twenty years millions of homes in the UK have been insulated in this way. Of course many of these people will have received quality and professional services where work has been carried out correctly, but this is not always the case. Hundreds of thousands of people have received cavity wall insulation in which does not meet CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) standards, leading to problem such as damp and much more.




Has Your Home Been Affected?

 Many people who have faced problems as a result of poor quality cavity wall insulation do not even realise the reason for their issues, and instead blame themselves and other things, while left not being able to really solve the real problem at hand. Those who have previously had cavity wall insulation installed should keep an eye out for any visible signs of damp and tide marks, walls in which are cold to touch, peeling wallpaper, signs of mould, blocked air vents, damaged woodwork and rotten brickwork – These are things in which bad cavity wall insulation can cause.


Do You Think Your Home’s Been Affected?

If after reading this you think that you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation, here at Zen Law we would be more than happy to assist and guide you throughout the claims process. 100% passionate and dedicated when it comes to helping people obtain the compensation that they deserve, even if you’re unsure as to whether you have a claim or not, there is no harm in contacting us and finding out.

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