Council Homes across the Country Deemed ‘Unfit’ for Living

You would expect homes provided by the council to be of a liveable standard; however the BBC has recently shown that this is unfortunately not the case. Did you know that almost 11,000 council house tenants have already made compensation claims for damage, damp and leaks within their homes?

Over the past five years local authorities across England have in fact paid out over £35m in compensation and legal fees to those being forced to live in ‘unfit’ homes – and it has been suggested that the number of people making disrepair claims is now on the rise, with many people realising that they don’t have to put up with harmful living conditions any longer.




Take Ann Asquith from Leeds for example. This is a story in which many of you may have already seen across the news. Ann’s council home was not only damp, but as a result of this her two children developed breathing problems. Left with no other choice, Ann decided to take Leeds City Council to court for not adequately maintaining the home she was renting from them! This is only one example of the ‘unfit’ living conditions that people are being presented with also; there are a whole range of things in which councils throughout the country are failing to provide and deal with.

It is 2017 and people expect to be provided with homes that are of a liveable standard and authorities need to quickly realise that they need to play fairly. Many authorities are incredibly quick to charge rent and evict tenants when they fall behind with payments; however it seems that the very same authorities are failing to provide adequate repairs and maintenance.

It isn’t just council houses either; absolutely anyone who rents a house in England is entitled to make a claim against their landlord if they believe that they have failed to undertake basic repairs to vital aspects of the property including but not limited to exterior walls, roofing, electrics and plumbing.

Here at Zen Law we are passionate about ensuring that people in England are able to live in fit homes. We are wholly dedicated to assisting those living in ‘unfit’ homes looking to make claims for compensation – and have an experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists on hand to provide leading guidance at all times. If you are currently or have previously rented a house, whether it be from the council or an individual and believe that the living conditions were not adequate, or needed repairs were disregarded, you could be entitled to make a claim. For further information and to start your claims proceed simply complete this form today, and wait for a member of our team to get back to you.




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