Husband Wins Seven Year Medical Negligence Fight Following Wife’s Death

Darren Taylor, the husband of Alison who died on March 31st 2010 from a blood clot following the birth of her baby girl has recently won a medical negligence claim against Leicester’s hospitals. The amount in which Mr. Taylor won has not been disclosed however it is great to see that he has finally won compensation form the hospital trust, not only for him and his family – but also providing others going through similar cases with hope and reason to carry on battling.



Alison Taylor died from a pulmonary embolism caused by a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in one of her legs which was present due to pregnancy. She was quickly taken to hospital after being found collapsed in the bathroom of their home, but later passed away. The coroner said that if the hospital provided Alison with a scan, her life could have been saved – and the hospital bosses have apologised, saying that as a result changes to the system have been introduced.

The inquest heard that over a 16 day period, after giving birth to her child Yvie-Mae, Alison had seen a total of 4 midwives, 1 hospital doctor, 1 GP and a trainee GP. She was then referred to the infirmary where the doctor that she saw did not follow the hospital’s guidelines on investigating suspected DVT. Alison was also unable to receive an ultrasound scan as the particular hospital did not provide them at weekends. After a long and dreary battle the hospital admitted that they should have taken blood tests and preformed the scan, and they are devastated that they did not. If this scan did take place, it would have definitely shown DVT and a fatal pulmonary embolism would have been avoided.


Alison’s husband Darren is relieved that the battle is now over and happy that the NHS has admitted fault and made changes to hopefully avoid this from happening to other women going forward. Darren winning this case means that him and the couple’s children Yvie-Mae, Christopher and Ellise can now concentrate on remembering the happier times, and finally start to and get on with their lives.


Inquests and Fatal Claims


Whenever a loved one passes away it is a distressing and traumatic experience, however it can be even more distressing in circumstances where the cause of death is not clear, is unusual or appears like it could have been avoided. Here at Zen Law we constantly strive to help people in this situation, seeking to get them the compensation in which they deserve.

If someone close to you has passed away while undergoing medical treatment or care and you suspect that the appropriate step and measures were not taken to prevent their death, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Give our specialist team a call today, of fill in our contact form for further information.




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