A&E Waiting Times Currently at ‘Record Levels’, according to Leaked Data

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Figures recently leaked to the BBC suggest that in the month of January 2017 record numbers of patients spent over four hours in accident & emergency units across England. If this data is correct it highlights the fact that the NHS is currently under copious amounts of pressure, as this would mean that it was the worst performing month in the past thirteen years!

In addition to this the leaked figures also suggested that record numbers of people in January had to wait over twelve hours for hospital beds once they had been seen in A&E. Following this, the government is now being accused of failing to understand the seriousness of the situation, with campaigns taking place over the country and on social media platforms such as Twitter with the intentions of ensuring that something is done to avoid such waiting times going forward.

Since the four-hour target was introduced back in 2004, January 2017 seems to have the worst monthly figures on record, even worse that January 2016 when over 51,000 people has to wait between four and twelve hours for hospital beds, and 158 people had to wait over 12 hours for beds.

Figures from January 2017

• Only 82% of patients were transferred, admitted or discharged within four hours (The target is 95%)
• Over 60,000 people had to wait between four and twelve hours for hospital beds after being seen by A&E
• Almost 800 people had to wait OVER twelve hours for beds
It has not only come to this due to the lack of doctors and nurses like many believe but also because of the lack of beds available. In fact, we have the lowest number of acute beds per capita in Europe and as a result of this – lives are being put at risk, which should not be acceptable.

It is now vital that the government urgently looks into the long-term funding, capacity and recruitment issues facing the system so that things can improve for the future; however in the meantime you believe that you have suffered medical negligence through A&E departments, here at Zen Law we can assist you.

Some of the most common accident & emergency claims that we deal with include:

• Delay in investigation/treatment
• Failure to act appropriately on results of investigations
• Failure to correctly investigate and diagnose
• Failure to refer appropriately for further investigation and treatment
• Failure to treat properly or operate where necessary
• Inadequate management of care after a surgical procedure
• Mistakes during surgery
• Not carrying out correct investigations including X-rays, scans and blood tests
• Not examining a patient properly or noting their symptoms

If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence during or after A&E admission, we would love to help you, while ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve. For further information and to see how we could help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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