Over £600m Allocated to Pay for Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Claims in Wales

Recent news articles have highlighted the fact that over £600 million pounds has been allocated for personal injury and medical negligence claims against the NHS in Wales in the future.




Last year a total of £74.6m was paid out for claims of this kind, however a staggering £682million has been set aside by the Welsh government for future payments. The amount provided each year has been rising since 2013, and in line with this a number of people are now taking time to look into alternative ways to address the risk involved in healthcare, for example training, cleaning and more efficient planning.


Of course, when it comes to healthcare there will always be a risk, however there are measures that can be taken to reduce the risks and improve overall performance and by looking into why so many people are claiming some answers could possibly be found allowing for the same scenarios to be prevented in the future.


When it comes to NHS care, people are thoroughly encouraged to report absolutely all incidents, not only so that they can get the answers and compensation that they deserve, but also so that their incidents can be investigated and learned from. It is highly likely that when making a claim, or reporting something, someone else will have problem dealt with a similar issue – and with more people complaining, they are much more likely to look into matters.


Conservatories are putting the high number of pay-outs down to a lack of resources and staff, claiming that it is a reflection of the huge pressures on overstretched workforces and such – however, even if this is the case, it is possibly even more important for people to report incidents no mater how small they may be.


If you have put your trust in NHS medical care professionals and believe that you did not receive the correct treatment, whether you reported the incident or not – you could be entitled to compensation for medical negligence. Here at Zen Law Solicitors we boast an entire team of specialist lawyers who are able to deal with a vast range of medical negligence claims including the following:


  • Accident and emergency claims
  • Adult brain injury claims
  • Ambulance services and paramedic negligence claims
  • Blood transfusion claims
  • Cancer misdiagnosis claims
  • Cerebral palsy claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Delayed treatment claims
  • Dental negligence claims
  • Diabetes negligence claims
  • Eye related claims
  • GP and community health claims
  • Inquests and fatal claim
  • Medical product liability claims
  • Mental health claims
  • MRSA and hospital infections
  • Nursing and care home claims
  • Pregnancy and birth injury claims
  • Prescription and administration claims
  • Sports injury claims


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