Hospitals Failing to Investigate Unexpected Deaths



Last month Care Quality Commission released a report revealing that the NHS is failing to properly investigate unexpected deaths in hospitals in the UK, and as a result preventing hospitals and hospital staff from learning from their mistakes and ensuring that they’re not continuously repeated. If one of your family members or friends has previously passed away whilst in hospital and you never got information that you required regarding the situation, you will understand how much of an annoyance this can be and will no doubt want to ensure that as little people as possible have to go through this is in the future.

The said investigation was commissioned following the shocking and tragic statistics from Southern Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – which brought to light the fact that only 1% of deaths among patients with learning disabilities were investigated over a four year period, and an even more shocking 0.3% of those with mental health problems were investigated in the same period.

Previously the NHS has pledged to create more transparency and to wholly respect the “Duty of Candour” in which encourages NHS employees to admit when they make errors. We believe that errors should always be admitted to, this way people are able to learn from their mistakes and make changes going forward – ignorance should never be an option. The Care Quality Commission however intends to improve things even more, overhauling how hospitals investigate and deal with deaths, highlighting a number of areas that could benefit from vast improvements not only limited to prioritising investigations into deaths but also recognising that the families of patients often want to be involved and have information shared with them so that they can gain complete understanding. It is thought that if the required changes are made, the NHS will be hugely improved for everyone, however with budget cuts taking place left, right and centre, no one is able to predict the future.

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