Zen Law’s Personal Injury A- Z: Burns

One common injury many suffer from is burns. It can happen anywhere, in the home or outside of it, and many brush it off as their own carelessness. But sometimes a burn isn’t your fault at all, and some burns can cause marks which will be there for life. It’s worth checking at Zen Law Solicitors if you feel your accident may have been the fault of others, and there could be compensation available to help you with the pain and inconvenience caused. 

When it burns

Burns can happen in any industry, and factory, kitchen and warehouse based burns could be due to negligence from others. Many industries deal with dangerous substances or equipment which can lead to burns, and this can easily be mishandled. It could be something left on, or you may not have been given adequate training on how to use the equipment. 

And the burns can be incredibly severe, leaving you out of work for weeks, and scars will be there for life. If it’s not your fault, it can be hard to come to terms with it, and that’s when a personal injury lawyer can help get you what you deserve for your misfortune. 

For the best injury lawyers, Manchester specialists who can hold that title are few and far between. Thankfully you’re currently reading this blog on our site, and we can take care of your case with our twenty years of industry experience! 

Get the right support with Zen Law Solicitors

At Zen Law Solicitors, we take each case that comes to us seriously, and we can determine if your accident could lead to potential compensation. We have a no win no fee rule in place, so it’s worth giving us a call if you have doubts about your accident, it could lead to the support you need, as accidents often lead to time off work, and even more long term effects. 


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