Rise in Claims during Summer Months

With the summer months, comes an increase in many things – relaxation and recreation just to name a couple. However, not everything that increases during this time is positive, and one thing that we have noticed here at Zen Law is that a variety of different claims have risen in numbers during recent months. Longer days lead to more adventures and unfortunately because of this more accidents occur, including but not limited to the following:

Slips, Trips and Falls

Whilst taking a stroll in the summer sun many people encounter slips and falls due to things such as defects in pavements, footpaths and roads. In addition to this, with more people off work and off school there is an increase in people in supermarkets, pubs, gyms, restaurants and shops, and in these places unfortunately accidents also occur because of hazardous obstacles, spillages and more.

Road Traffic Accidents

During the summer months, not only are there many cars on the roads, with people going on road trips and minibreaks but also, when the sun is shining more and more people take to bicycles, scooters and skateboards. With vans, wagons and busses also on the roads, the roads are often hustling and therefore the chance of an accident occurring is heightened.

Accidents or Illness Whilst Abroad

Unfortunately, when on holiday – there is still chance of an accident occurring and as summer is the most popular time for people and families to holiday, the majority of these claims come from this period.

If you or somebody that you know has suffered an injury, our solicitors could assist on a ‘NO Win, No Fee’ basis. With specialist teams able to assist with a plethora of claim types including the above and many more, we urge all to contact us today. Even if you have been in an accident and are not sure as to whether you were partially to blame, we advise you will give us a call – there is no harm in checking! If you want to speak with an experienced and professional member of our team, call 0161 826 1126.

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