Bus Accident Compensation Claims

On today’s UK roads there are roughly 35-40 million cars, with around 5.16 billion annual bus journeys, therefore it is no surprise that busses are sometimes involved in road traffic accidents. Common road traffic accident personal injury claims typically involve one or more cars and these claims are more often than not settled between two or more parties. However, when it comes to bus accident claims, things can become slightly more complex, as a larger number of variables need to be taken into consideration.

Collisions between busses and cars result in similar personal injury claims to when only cars are involved in a road accident, although there is one main difference. When involved in an accident with a bus, you will not be claiming against the driver and will instead be claiming against the bus company. You don’t have to be a car driver to make a bus accident claim either; many bus accident claims arise from passengers getting injured due to busses having accidents whilst passengers are on board, and passengers can even claim for slips and falls if a bus is poorly maintained.

Like with the majority of other claims, when claiming compensation for a bus accident it is hard to determine exactly how much compensation will be awarded. As a general rule of thumb though, the more serious the injuries are, the more money is paid out. If you have been in a bus accident, whether your injuries are small or large, if it wasn’t your fault, it’s important that you seek the compensation that you are owed.

After visiting your doctor, who will be able to provide you with medical proof regarding your injuries, here at Zen Law we can assist you. We have a complete specialist team of road traffic accident lawyers who are able to provide leading soliciting services on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. What have you got to lose? To start your claim process today, see our online enquiry form or us a call on 0161 826 1126. We are more than happy to help and will do our utmost best to quickly achieve the best compensation award for you.

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