Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Any injury or accident which causes physical distress or harm is classed as a personal injury. These types of accidents can happen anywhere at any time on the road, in the workplace or even whilst out shopping.

Yougov conducted research which highlights that one in four adults have had a personal injury at some point in their lifetime. The UK has some pretty strict legal requirements which ensure that all types of business have the relevant health and safety policies and procedures in place as well as it being a statutory requirement to have the correct insurance to prevent serious accidents from happening in the workplace and to ensure they are covered should the worst happen.

Whilst there is a vast range of injuries which would be classed as a personal injury, the following figures make up common categories of personal injury:

  • 16% of all personal injuries are workplace accidents
  • 50% of all personal injuries result from road traffic accidents
  • 21% occur in public premises

Very often compensation is awarded if you have had an accident that was not your fault. Dependent upon the type of accident and who has liability, the amount of compensation will vary.  If you are considering making a claim, it is advisable to speak with a specialist lawyer with practical and specialist experience with personal injury claims. There are two types of compensation you will be able to claim, general damages and special damages. Speak to one of our professionals who will be able to give expert advice and guidance on the best route to claim.

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