Mrs S is wrongly blamed


Another client, Mrs S, approached the firm when she was involved in an accident on a roundabout.  The issue here was that she alleged that the road markings had changed since the accident and that the lane within which she was travelling allowed her to exit the roundabout safely.  Unfortunately, the other driver proceeding in the lane to her left was intending on proceeding ahead around the roundabout, which resulted in a collision as he changed into her lane to go straight ahead.

Mrs S’s insurance company agreed with the other driver’s insurance company and proceeded to settle the other driver’s claim against her.  However, Mrs S was adamant that she was not at fault for the accident or at the very least there should be a split in liability between the parties.

Through taking detailed circumstances of the accident and submitting arguments on our client’s behalf, we were able to secure our client compensation for the injuries she too had suffered as a result of the accident.  After all, it is only fair that if both parties contribute to an accident then the other party should be able to be compensated for that error, not just the party that the insurance companies agree is the least at fault.

This case emphasizes just why it is always better to instruct a solicitor from the outset who will act in your best interests in settling the claim.  Insurers often look to dispose of claims in the most economical way which is not always in your best interests.

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