Parvez Anwar


Parvez has many years of experience in dealing with high-value industrial disease claims when acting for Defendant Insurers.  He has expertise in Industrial Disease claims brought by injured former employees of industries ranging from power stations, textiles, coalmines, steelworks, shipyards, engineering and manufacturing.

Parvez also has particular expertise in tracing Insurance cover for both solvent and defunct companies and maximising both the chances of success and the amount of compensation each Claimant receives.  Parvez is highly skilled in deconstructing the corporate structures of employer companies and tracing Employer’s Liability cover.  The unique advantage to this is the chance of locating a culpable party against whom to initiate a claim is significantly increased.

Parvez is now helping many victims seek justice for industrial exposures to noise, asbestos, vibration, chemicals and other damaging agents.  He works tirelessly to obtain the compensation that his clients deserve for their injuries and is always happy to talk through any needs they may have.


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