With the entirety of the UK still in shock following the European Union exit, the only thing certain within many of Britain’s industries is change. Experts within the legal industry are weighing up the prospects of a broken legacy as over two thirds of UK laws originate from Europe.

With that in mind, complex layers of legislative acts and procedures have been built up over the years and if removed completely, there would be severe ramifications. Whilst no one knows how the future looks, the personal injury sector are preparing for the next chapter of history.

The personal injury sector have been privy and adherent to EU regulations for many years now with much legislation pertaining to accidents, health and safety in the workplace and consumer issues being key and pinnacle to the entire claims industry. With the shock exit from the EU now looming over everyone, the future of such legislation and as such, personal injury claims, is now uncertain.

Each of the various legal sectors are now assessing the extent of the impact of leaving the EU and the potential changes in legislation and legal procedures with regards to accidents abroad, accidents in the workplace, flight claims and the small claims limit. Whilst presently there is lots of speculation, the full scale of the change may not be revealed for quite some time.

Alongside solicitors and legal professionals alike, the entirety of Britain and key economists will now be paying serious attention to the fallout from the exit and will bracing themselves for a mass of unexpected change.

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