Demystifying historical liability insurance

Liability insurance helps to protect businesses from lawsuits and claims made by employees, whether they are currently employed or were in the past. All businesses that employ one or more people are required to have some form of liability insurance under the Employers Liability Act 1969. 

Tracing historical liability insurance

As liability insurance has only been mandatory for the past 50 years, there are still people that may have been affected by their working environment in the past, before liability insurance was a legal requirement. These were typically industrial environments such as manufacturing plants, where workers were exposed to high levels of noise or unsafe equipment. This often caused long-term damage that doesn’t become apparent for many years, often decades, by which time it can seem too late to seek any compensation from the employer – if they are still in business.

As a result, there are many people approaching retirement today suffering from conditions like hearing damage, vibration white finger and asbestos lung, that deserve compensation from their employer. But many people are put off by the prospect of making a claim because it was such a long time ago and ‘there’s no point’ – but believe us, there is every point!

Zen Law Solicitors are specialists in tracing historical liability insurance. We’re not saying it’s straightforward to make a claim for damage that occurred decades ago, but it’s absolutely possible and definitely worth investigating.

See if you have the grounds to make a compensation claim against your employer. Give us a call on 0161 826 1126.

Can I make a claim if my employer has liability insurance?

Absolutely – that’s practically what liability insurance is designed for. In the case of historical liability insurance, tracing the original guilty party can be very difficult. Often, this is where many claims fall down as firms can’t trace the original employer, leaving no grounds with which to make a claim. It’s understandable really – many old insurance firms no longer exist, or have been swallowed up by larger companies. It makes the paper trail more difficult to follow – especially when you consider that records were often kept improperly in the past.

But this is where Zen Law Solicitors are different. We are passionate about ensuring those with industrial disease get the compensation they deserve. That includes working with other claimant solicitors to deconstruct and demystify the trail of liability insurance. A painstaking and time-consuming exercise, but one that produces results nonetheless.

So if you’re suffering with a disease or condition that is attributable to a previous job, get in touch with Zen Law Solicitors. We can tell you if you’ve got the grounds to make a claim, and if you want to pursue, we can see it right through to getting you compensation. Don’t think that because the damage happened a long time ago, you can’t get compensation – because you can.

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